4 Adoption Fundraising Sites You Should Know About

Are you adopting? Are you concerned about how you can afford the costs of adoption? If you answered yes to these questions, then I’m here to help you. Adoption is a blessing, but it can cost a lot of money so many people don’t adopt. You can afford the costs by fundraising. Many people who adopt choose to use adoption fundraising websites to help them raise the money they need. Below are the top four adoption fundraising websites you should know about.

  1. Adoption Bridge is a ministry of Every Child Has a Name. Their mission is to bring waiting children and loving families together by bridging the gap between the emotional needs and financial challenges of adoption. You can use their crowdfunding feature to secure up to 1/3 of the expenses. You start by creating a Waiting Family profile. You can also create a Waiting Family profile using the non-crowdfunding feature to tell your story to birth mothers. For more information visit www.adoptionbridge.org
  2. AdoptTogether is the world’s largest crowdfunding platform. On the website you simply create an AdoptTogether family profile to tell your story then you invite friends and family to make designated donations that are tax-deductible to help you bring your child home. To create your profile visit www.adopttogether.org
  3. You Caring is the leader in free online fundraising. They focus on compassionate fundraising and support for humanitarian causes. You Caring has helped raise over $1 billion with more than 857,000 fundraisers. You can begin your fundraiser in as little as five minutes. To create your fundraiser, visit www.youcaring.com.  
  4. Go Fund Me is one of the easiest crowdfunding websites to use to raise money. Just like YouCaring, there is no fee. All you do is create your site, share your story, share your site with friends, and collect your funds. It’s easy to share your site using social media platforms such as Facebook. To get started visit www.gofundme.com

I pray that God will supply you with the funds you need for your adoption journey whether it is through one of these websites or through other means. Thank you for adopting.